Our Capabilities

Enterprise Class Predictive/Auto Dialer
Increase productivity in your call center by getting your agents on the phone more quickly
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Increase your sales and lower your overhead with our sales-minded, cloud-enabled CRM software
Sale-stream automation
Automate your pre-sale and post-sale tasks: activate accounts, fulfillment, invoices

the world of opportunities

Imagine a world where software works for you, instead of just working - XenCALL CRM is focused on making your life as a call center manager a little bit easier.

With advanced productivity reports, automatic skill detection, inbound queue management, and sale-stream automation, your call center will run more smoothly and with a lower administrative overhead.
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Small Office/Home Office

Increase your opportunities with XenCALL SOHO edition; keep track of your contacts, meetings, expenditures and maximize your opportunities with our clean-cut interface and contact suggestions

Working for yourself has been made much easier - you or your small business sales team will increase your revenue substantially

Remote Access

Manage your call center from anywhere
Work from your head office or a beach- wherever you are, you can access your agents
Work with multiple lead pools
Junior agents? Senior agents? Customer service callbacks? Custom lead pools include existing sales, pre-opened contacts.
Remote offices, team management
lets you assign team managers to restrict information to only direct reports. Multiple offices can use the same interface, and as a business owner you have a master report
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